The Devotion Wing is an integral part of the Sri Sathya Sai Service Organisation. The primary objective of this wing is to facilitate individual spiritual progress, based on the teachings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, by conducting multiple spiritual activities in accordance with the Organisation’s guidelines.

The Devotional Wing focuses on group devotional singing, study circle, prayers, meditation, retreats and other activities designed to strengthen one’s faith, devotional fervor and understanding and practice of spiritual principles.

Devotional Singing

Devotional singing (bhajan ) is the process of singing that originates in the hear, not from the lips or the tongue. It is the expression of the joyous thrill that wells up from the heart when the Glory of God is remembered. It is the spontaneous manifestation of inner ecstasy. No attention is paid to the blame or praise that others may give. It does not seek the admiration or the appreciation of the listeners.

It is said that when several people gather together to sing the Glory of God, then the atmosphere becomes purified. Mankind, to day, is forced to breathe an atmosphere polluted by sounds that spring from violence, hatred, greed and wickedness. The singing of Bhajans radiating devotion and love, with the melody emerging from the heart, creates a sacred sound that can help purify both the individual and the world.

Wherever My glory is sung, I install Myself there – Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Study Circles (Discussion Groups)

Under the devotional wing of the Sai Organization Study Group/Circle or Discussion groups is an important activity. Here a group of people meet regularly to discuss spiritual topics, and find their practical application in daily life.

The study groups enable us to learn from the wisdom of saints and other great spiritual leaders. The sacred Scriptures of all religions can be studied and discussed.

Sai literature, and the teachings of Sathya Sai Baba are also studied in depth. Therefore any literature that provides spirituality, awakening and inspiration is suitable for discussion. A Study Group provides an excellent opportunity for members to come to an understanding and practice of Sai teachings and other great spiritual Truths.


Muddenahalli Group - Cautionary note to all devotees

As many of you are already aware, a group in Muddenahalli (Karnataka, India) is misleading and misguiding innocent devotees through parallel activities, programmes & projects. One person in the group is erroneously claiming that Swami, in ‘ continue reading »

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