Easwaramma - The Chosen Mother


Purpose Of Easwaramma Day Celebrations

"Easwaramma had never put Me to trouble any time. Whenever she asked Me for something, she would come back and inquire if she had given any trouble. To all devotees -who came, she used to entreat not to cause any inconvenience to Swami. She used to be very much worried whenever any minister came to have My Darshan. The situation in those days was such that even a policeman with a red cap was enough to frighten the villagers. Easwaramma used to be much afraid of the ministers thinking they might cause some problem to Me. This was only the result of her sacred love for Me. That is the greatness of mother's love. That is why she could lead a life of fulfillment and peace. In order to propagate this sacred ideal, this day is being celebrated as Easwaramma Day. This is to emphasize that each one of you should make your mother happy. When mother is happy, Swami is happy." Sai Baba. SS, 6/99, p. 150