PWC Mauritius Day 2



The programme for day 2 kicked off sharply at 08h30 with opening prayers and devotional singing.

Address by Mr. Ramesh Hartiramani

A brief report on activities undertaken in various countries pertaining to Region 93 – Africa was highlighted by Bro. R. Hathivamani.  He described the various projects such as medical camps, feeding the needy, cultural celebrations, collaborations, sharing of ideas on different key areas and also the Sathya Sai Schools.
He also informed that most of the countries in Region 93 have at least two centres while a little few have some ten centres. He also shared his experience with Baba to the delegates.

Address by Dr. Narendranath Reddy

Dr. Reddy drew the link between love and service and how love is translated into action through selfless service.  He gave an overview of what is service and what many Avatars such as Jesus, Krishna and Hanuman did as service to mankind and the Godfather.  He stressed on the need to be near and dear to God through service.  He also highlighted some projects which were undertaken by Swami himself such as construction of schools, hospitals, university and water distribution.

Dr. Reddy also described the different forms of Seva and how we should do Seva with an attitude of gratitude towards the opportunity being offered to us to help others.

Photo session

Delegates and members of the different sub-committees were requested for group pictures with the international speakers.

Study Circle discussions

After the morning tea break, the discussions sessions started. Delegates were divided into same 27 groups as the previous day to deliberate on preselected questions on selfless service in the main hall.  The parallel session with youths took place in the Registration Area where Sister Geetha Mohan Ram addressed the young adults, which was followed by discussions on the theme selfless Service.

Deliberations of Study Circle

Delegates broke for lunch at 12h15, and on resumption, reports on the theme selfless service were presented by moderators.

Panel discussions

Delegates were given the opportunity to put questions to panellists on the theme love and selfless service as well as other topics pertaining to the Sai Organisation. The panel consisted of Dr. Narendranath Reddy, Dr. Anupom Ganguli and Sister Gayeetree Samboo. Below is a list of questions that the panellists addressed:
1. Regarding personal sadhana (love for God), what is the difference between contemplation of God and meditation?

2. How and to what extent do you agree that when we are too good, too soft, too resilient, there is a price to pay for that in society?

3. What was the last word from Swami in the hospital on the 24th April 2011?

4. When we are facing difficulties, how do we yearn for God?

5. What is the stand of SSIO on Mudenahalli activities?

6. In India, education is scarce and perhaps lacking given the prohibitive costs. In Mauritius, it is free and of quality.
a. So why does the Sathya Sai school charges for education? Would it not have been better to give dedicated Balvikas classes with greater appeal and reach instead?
b. Anandam is also poorly equipped as a school. No appropriate playing ground, toilets or other hygienic standards. 

7. Why is there so much discrimination, lack of meritocracy, cronyism and backing for most of things in life despite relentless efforts for selfless and unconditional love?

8. How to cope with the Generation y – the digital natives -? Our children are all the time on the laptop/ phone/ iPad. How to maintain spirituality in them?

9. How to remain a devout Sai devotee in the business and corporate world? 
a. E.g. there are people who have swapped from vegetarian to meat/ fish just because of working/ meeting with foreigners in their work.

10. How can someone get rid of his ego?

11. To love one’s family is our responsibility. To love God is also our duty. How do we manage both?

12. During my personal Sadhana, at times I feel that Swami is not present and is not happy with me. What should I do to overcome this feeling?

13. In a family, the mother and her children are Sai devotees but the father is very far from spirituality. Despite all the love he gets from His family, he won’t change his behaviour. How can this be addressed?

14. At Puttaparthi, education, water, Health ect are all given free of charge. How is the Organisation managing financially? Do you need help? How can we help?

15. Where and how is vibhuti materialised in Prashanti? Have you personally ever witnessed vibhuti materialised by Swami?

16. Swami says see God in all at the same time we have to stay away from bad company. Sometimes it is confusing, I have to see the bad to be able to stay away from it?

17. What is law of karma and how to get rid of it?

18. Why should we always wear traditional clothes during spiritual activities?

19. As a youth, we are exposed to so many desires and attachment. How do we maintain complete focus on God all the time?

20. The Bhagvad Gita speaks of ‘’Dharma Sthapna’’. Baba speaks of ‘’love’’. All holy books like the Ramayana, the Bible and the Coran etc. give a message of peace.
How does the rising youth control their ego and help eliminate hatred, differences in religion and promote love?

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In July 1996, Swami came in his dream, placed his hand on his head and went away.  Later, he went to Puthaparthi.  He was surprised to know that Swami sent him a car at the airport.
During his interview with Bhagwan, he watched each and every movement of the Lord.  Swami was materialising rings etc.
Swami asked Dr. Dumur,” what do you want”?
He answered, “I  want to build a Mandir in my  village”.
Swami told him, ”Do not waste your money on building a Mandir. Build one in your heart instead”.
Swami brought a lot of transformation in his life; he became vegetarian, more loving and caring towards his parents. He is putting into practice all the teachings of Sai.
Dr. Dumur concluded by reciting a poem to express his love for Baba.  He thanked Swami for having used him as an instrument to serve people.1


Brother  Siva related his experience with Baba in December 1998, when he was granted an interview with the Lord.  He sat next to the chair of Swami at His Lotus feet. He stealthily moved his hand onto Swami’s right hand which was resting on His armchair. Bother Siva started caressing Swami’s hand. Swami allowed him to do so, until He noticed that devotees sitting in front of him were not listening but were focussing their attention on the hand that was caressing the Divine Hand. Swami removed His hand from the armchair, and picked up His handkerchief to wipe His lips.  Brother Siva then let his hand glide down the robe of Swami down onto His Lotus Feet.  He now started caressing Swami’s feet.  He described the blissful state he was in.
During the interview, Swami asked Brother Siva, “Who are you?”
He replied, “the Atma, Swami”.
And Swami continued, “No, No, No. You are bubble, bubble! Bubble takes birth in water, grow in water and burst and merge in water.  Bubble is the body, water is Narayana.  Narayana is everywhere”.
Later on, during the interview, devotees were asking questions relating to their personal life.  Brother Siva then recalled that funds for completing the construction of his house were exhausted.  He decided to ask Swami whether he would complete his house. 
He asked the Lord, “Swami, I am building my house, do you think I will complete it one day?”
 Swami’s expressions changed all of a sudden, He became very sterned and he asked,”which house?”
“My house”, replied Brother Siva.
“Where is your house?” asked Swami
“In Mauritius, Swami”, replied Brother Siva
“Where is your house?”, asked again Swami
“Castel, Swami. Castel”, replied Brother Siva. (Castel is the place where Brother Siva lives)
Swami bent his head towards Brother Siva and said in a very gentle, motherly tone, “Your house is the world and Pranshanti Nilayam your home”.
Brother Siva could not understand Swami’s words immediately, but later he recalled he used to tell Swami that He is his mother and father.
Brother Siva ended his address on the example of the candle and the bowl. He explained if we place a bowl on a lighted candle and drill holes in the bowl, what we would see are rays of lights coming through the holes .  Observed from a distance away from the bowl, we would see small lights at the surface of the bowl.  One might be tempted to say that there are as many lights as the number of holes through the body of the vessel.  Once we remove the bowl, we discover the truth: that only One light exists. The Jyoti is Swami and we are the rays of light.

“Each one of us is  a ray of light emanating from the body of Swami. 
Each one of us is a ray of love emerging from the body of Swami.
One of us is a ray  of hope to the world.
We are His Legacy ”


Sister Prema, in her address, emphasises on her education and upbringing.  She focuses that real education starts at home.  She related the hard-work of her father, who consistently worked for the family without falling into social evils.
She added that her parents were like  lie detectors, and therefore, she always had to abide to truth.  Her upbringings build her character.  She related the beautiful ways Swami showed her on how to behave socially.
She concluded by saying, “if Baba gives us an assignment, it would not be what we cannot handle”


In 2002, Brother Akshay visited Puthaparthi.  He said to himself about Swami: You walk like me, talk like me, how can you be God?

Very soon after visiting  Puthaparthi, he stopped consuming alcohol, smoking and eating non-vegetarian food and all that in one single day.  He started going to Bhajans everyday.
Among the several experiences encountered with the Lord, he narrated one where he recalled having spent all money sent by his parents for college fees to travel to and from Banglore and Puthaparthi.  He was afraid to tell his parents about that.  One day, he went to the cashier’s office of the college to enquire about the balance to be paid.  The cashier replied that there is nothing to be paid. His college fee had been paid!

When he stepped outside, still wondering how it could have happened, he saw a car passing by,  with Baba’s photo, with both hands up, as if blessing him.
He related other experiences, namely, during Ganesh Chaturthi, in his college and lastly during Dashera, where he could experience the Divine blessing of Swami, physically.


Brother Subheer related his transformation in life, what he called his spiritual upliftment.  He recalled how he was ‘face to face with God’, when Swami called him for an interview.
“I was in love with this God”, said Br Subheer
He recalled his blissful experience when he was so near to the Lord and described how ‘One look cleanses you’.  
“Don’t pray with your lips, pray with your heart”, he added, in Baba words.
He concluded by quoting,  “ Who can lead you to destruction when you have God in your heart”.


Sis. Geetha started her address by praying that Swami increases our devotion towards him day by day.
She related how she would spent her childhood days with Swami.  She also related a miracle of Baba to a relative of her’s, in fact, the lady who used to cook food for Baba.  That relative of her needed to undergo an eye surgery and she did not want to do it unless she would first  go to Puthaparthi to get the blessings and prasadam of Swami before doing so.  
Sis. Geetha’s father did not want to do a long distance journey.  So the lady started complaining about not bringing her to Puthaparthi.  Sis. Geetha then received a call from Baba, who asked her if that lady is complaining about her father not bringing her to Puthaparthi.  Swami then talked to the lady over the phone. She got the blessings of Baba before the surgery.  But that lady was not convinced because she wanted to have the’ Vibhuti’ and ‘prashadam’’.
Swami then talked to Sis. Geetha and asked her to take a piece of paper and put the phone on it. Then, all of sudden, a leap of vibhuti just appeared, which Sis. Geetha handed to the relative.
That was THE Miracle of Baba!
She also recounted many other incidents and anecdotes which showed Swami’s omnipresence, omniscience and omnipotence.


The afternoon programme continued with a play entitled live in love staged by the Sathya Sai Education ( SSE/ Bal Vikas) students and  teen youths of the Sri Sathya Sai Organisation of Mauritius. 
Day 2 of the PWC concluded with devotional singing and closing prayers.


From : Saturday, September 12, 2015 - 08:15
To : Saturday, September 12, 2015 - 20:15

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