Eau Bleue waterfall

Take a dip in the pool of Eau Bleue waterfall

Eau Bleue waterfall is a hidden paradise surrounded by sugar cane fields. It’s found in the southeast of Mauritius, close to the village of Cluny. The main waterfall is nestled behind thick forest and tangled tree roots and once you see it, there’s no question about why Eau Bleue waterfall is called ‘blue water’. Bring your swimwear and you can cool off in the jewel-blue water, treading carefully on the slippery path down to the waterfall.

There are a few connected waterfalls in this area and experienced local guides offer abseiling and river trekking adventures, which can be pre-booked. However, many visitors head straight for the waterfall and pool known as Eau Bleue for a relaxing dip.

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