Buddha Purnima Celebrations- Young Adults of Region IV


Buddha Purnima is one of the most sacred festivals in the Buddhist Calendar. On Saturday18 May 2019, the young adults of Regional Co-ordinating Committee IV - Upper Plaine Wilhems celebrated Buddha Purnima at Curepipe Sai Centre, Wooton with the participationof around 200 devotees (including SSE children, young adults, Mahilas and sevadals). The programme started with Vedic Chants at 16.00 hrs followed by the invocating “Buddham Sharanam Gacchami”. The atmosphere was filled with divine vibrations as SSE Children marched in the hall with offerings to Buddha as well as sayings affixed on display boards on the transcending “Om Mani Padme Hum” chanted in unison by the youthful participants.

The opening prayer was followed by two mesmerising bhajans in Chinese language. After the welcome address delivered by Bro Manoj Gopaul Regional Chairperson, Sis (Dr) Veedotma Koonjal, guest speaker made an expose on the “Life and Message of Buddha”. She gave an insightful overview of the different life stages of Buddha and the inner message of celebrating Buddha Purnima. A play entitled “What goes around, comes around” was staged by the young adults portraying a good action performed a young girl which resulted in a series of good actions undertaken selflessly by other ladies in turn conveying the message of Buddha on “When you wish good for others, Good things come back to you. This is the Law of Nature”.

Bro Chandar Ramphul thereafter gave a thought provoking speech on the importance of planting of trees and paying reverence to Mother Earth. He applauded the initiative being undertaken by the young adults of the region who were embarking on a tree planting project. The project would consist of planting 1008 indigenous plants at Mont Vert, Forest Side in an attempt to contributing to reforestation. The first of the five sessions would be held in the month of June 2019 culminating in October 2019 to coincide with the Avatar Declaration Day. The Tree Planting project was thereafter launched by Bro Rajendranath Sham by remitting the first plant (Bois Boeuf) to the President of Curepipe Sai Centre. Sis Reena Fowdar, National Young Adult Coordinator addressed the young adults by explaining the pivotal role of young adults in the Sai Mission. She stressed on the importance of youth engagement in the different activities undertaken at centre level, regional level and national level.The youthful musicians and singers continued with the programme by a musical offering to Buddha with soul touching songs and bhajans in praise of our almighty Lord. The programme culminated with an enlightening guided light meditation session enabling all blessed souls present to establish their inner connections with Swami.

Jai Sai Ram