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"Navaratri means nine nights. Darkness is associated with night. What is this darkness? It is the darkness of ignorance." Sai Baba, SS, 11/92, p. 267


Echoes from Region 1 - July 2014


On 12 July 2014 we celebrat-ed Guru Poornima, the festi-val celebrating the birth of revered Sage Vyasa and the occasion to express our love, reverence and gratitude to our teachers and preceptors. Swami, most often, gave a revealing discourse on this occasion every year, and let us recapitulate now one such His discourse He delivered in 1987.

Thaipoosam Cavadee


Thaipoosam cavadee is one of the most popular festivals celebrated by Indo-Mauritians whose ancestors originated from Tamil Nadu, India.

Kovil in Mauritius

The festival, which is held in either January or February each year according to the Tamil calendar and in devotion to Lord Muruga, is preceded by the kodi etram.

National Youth Sadhana Workshop


It was an inspirational sight in itself to see Group 4 SSE children and Youths aged from 16 to 35 years from all corners of the island gather together to learn from each other and take Swami’s Message forward into the wider world. In the National Youth Workshop two topics were covered the World Youth Sadhana Program that was given to the youths by Swami in the World Youth Conference 2007 and the second part was on “The compatibility of Sai Activities/Principles with Studies/ Employment”.