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Prime Minister's Message for the PWC


I am very pleased to be associated with the Pre-World Conference which is being organised by the Sathya Sai International Organisation, Mauritius.

It is difficult to encapsulate the ocean of teachings of Sathya Sai in a few words. However, simply talking about them inspires us about peace, love and brotherhood.

To his devotees, Sathya Sai, most affectionately known as, Sai Baba, was an avatar, an incarnation of God in human form, who appeared on Earth to preach his inspirational message.

Sai Baba inspired love and admiration.

Curriculum and character Development


The curriculum follows the Ministry of Education guidelines. In addition, human values are integratedinto curricular and extra-curricular activities.

The school’s goal is to develop character and help the students achieve academic excellence by:

• Creating and maintaining a school climate permeated by the Universal and Fundamental Core 

Human Values of Love, Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, 

Love and Non-Violence;

• Teaching students how to peacefully but effectively discourage harassment and bullying;

Flood Relief report


Sai Ram Brothers and Sisters,


As you are all aware, various parts of the Island encountered severe flooding, mainly during the weekend of 07/08 March 2015. Many families were affected and lost their belongings. The Regional Committee of Savanne was very quick to react to this disaster in the Southern part of the Island.

Regional Savanne Sai Newletter Dec 2014


What is Sathya Sai’s Sankalpam? How is His Avatarhood, Supra-Worldly Divinity as He calls it, so special for humanity today and for the morrow? When Bhagawan speaks about Himself… it becomes a rare treat of His Avataric Intention, that takes us to unknown realms of rare beauty, bright future ladden with Divine mystery… a compilation of His ‘own’ words about His ‘own’ Divine Self!!!