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Navratri & Dasera 2018

The Navaratri is the festival to commemorate the victory of good over evil. The Embodiment of Divine Power (of Para-sakthi), in its various manifestations: Sathwic, as Mahasaraswati, Rajasic, as Mahalakshmi, Tamasic, as Mahakali, was able to overc... continue reading »

Pro. Vednarayanan Kollengode in Mauritius for inspirational talks

Prof. Vednarayanan Kollengode in Mauritius from 26th October to 1st November 2018.

During the past years he has been participating and conducting without interruption the recitation of Vedic hymns in the presence of Bhagawan Shri Sathya Sai... continue reading »

Community Adoption Programme

As part of the celebrations leading to our Beloved Bhagwan Shri Sathya Sai Baba's 95th birthday in 2020, the SSIO has, at global level, taken the initiative to adopt 95 communities around the world. In this context, Mauritius has been chosen to be... continue reading »

Muddenahalli Group - Cautionary note to all devotees

As many of you are already aware, a group in Muddenahalli (Karnataka, India) is misleading and misguiding innocent devotees through parallel activities, programmes & projects. One person in the group is erroneously claiming that Swami, in ‘ continue reading »

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Office Bearers

  • National PresidentRajendranath Sham
  • Deputy PresidentHemmant Gunnasya
  • National SecretaryVaroun Jeewooth
  • Assistant SecretaryJugdish Luchmun
  • TreasurerVeenay Rambarassah
  • Deputy TreasurerReshma Bukhory- Bahadoor
  • National Service CoordinatorRavin Lutchmiah
  • Deputy National Service CoordinatorDev Seebarrun
  • National Education Coordinator (SSE)Vidula Rahiman
  • Deputy National Education Coordinator (SSE)Jayshree Maghoo (madvi)
  • National Devotion CoordinatorJaya Koonjul
  • National Devotion Coordinator (Deputy)Obhoyram Kevin Vikesh
  • National Mahila CoordinatorSharda Devi Joyram(simla)
  • National Young Adult Representative (Male)Amar Lutchumun
  • National Young Adult Representative (Male) (Deputy)Kamlesh R Leelah
  • National Young Adult Representative (Female)Jeseelah Nunkoo
  • National Young Adult Representative (Female)(Deputy)Reena Fowdar
  • Media Coordinator Co ChairAmick Teeluckdarry & Swarejay Bussawon
  • Head of IT (Media)Nitish Mankoo
  • Head of Editor (Media)Reena Fowdar
  • Archiving Committee & DatabaseKailash Padarat
  • Medical CommiteeDr Shunjay Dumur
  • Medical Commitee (Deputy)Dr Ashley Chineah
  • Hospitality Committee Prabha Devi Poonam Mootia
  • Disaster CommitteeAjay Lochun & Jany Madhuree
  • Public Outreach CommiteePublic Meeting /community Engagement /interfaiths /walk For Values
  • Building CommitteeKrishen Jagutpal