Maha Samadhi 2017


“Fix thy thought on Me; be devoted to Me; worship Me; do homage to Me; thou shalt reach Me. The Truth do I declare to thee; for, thou art dear to Me. This is My teaching, My grace. This is the path to come to Me. Give up all Dharmas; surrender to Me; do not grieve; I shall liberate you from the consequences of all your acts.”

 (Githa Vahini – Chap 1)

Mahasamadhi – This is now a very often used word among Swami's devotees. But lot of devotees are also hesitant in using this word because they feel pained to use this word.

But lot of us are using the word Mahasamadhi. This is such a wrong word that we use towards Swami. Swami always had taken the effort to teach us the body is not permanent. The indwelling ATMA is permanent. It is all pervading and ever living. Swami cannot be confined to the 5.5 feet body. Swami has also told us at times that if Swami would have not chosen to take Human form, we devotees would have feared to go to him or we would have displayed him as a rare specy.