Orientation Session for Young Adults Coordinators


The National Young Adults Forum held an orientation session for all the recently appointed Centre, Group and Regional Young Adult Coordinators on Sunday 23 rd February 2020 at Anandam, Vacoas. The aim of the session was to guide and provide Young Adult Coordinators with relevant information to facilitate their transition in their newly acquired roles. The first session started with opening prayers by all Young Adults at 9 a.m. After the customary welcome note by the NYAC, senior leaders of the SSIOM addressed the gathering of 65 coordinators about the SSIO World Structure and the SSIOM, the Role and Responsibilities of YACs and Reporting. The second part consisted of the YAs working on different topics such as Loving and Effective Communication, Ethics and Behaviour, Use of Social Media and Time Management Skills. An interactive sharing of ideas ensued, allowing YACs to share and express their thoughts and opinions. After that, members from each group had the opportunity to present the pertinent ideas from their discussion sessions. Senior members from the SSIOM also shared their insights during the feedback. The fruitful session ended with Mangala Arti offered to Bhagavan at 1 p.m by the previous and newly appointed Regional Young Adult Coordinators.