Control of the Mind


Control of the Mind Leads to Liberation

The human mind is the golden key to liberation and taming/controlling of the human mind and thoughts, is the aim of most spiritual practices. Swami beautifully says: “Turn the mind towards the world and you are caught in Maya (Illusion) and the cycle of birth and death. Turn it towards God, and you are liberated!”

No doubt that Swami’s first bhajan was “Manasa Bhjare Guru Charanam, dustara bhava sagar taranam” (O mind focus on the feet of the lord which is the only way to sail safely across this ocean of life and reach the ultimate destination – God)

Swami says: “The mind of man has to be unmade and then re-made.” Swami is God and if he says that our mind has to be unmade, then surely we need to relook at the way we think. We have very deeply rooted Vasanas (traits of past lives), which usually prompts us to think that “this is how I am”. These Vasanas in turn leads us to cultivate undesirable habits and commits the tenfold sins which are: three physical, four verbal, and another three mental. The physical tendencies are: injury to life, adulterous desire, and theft. The verbal sins are: a false alarm, cruel speech, jealous talk, and lies. The negative mental attitudes are: greed, envy, and the denial of God.

The whole of mankind is knowingly or unknowingly on a spiritual path. As spiritual aspirants, our first and foremost duty is the cleansing of the mind and to free it from these deep rooted vasanas. The “soap and water” required for this inner cleansing is “Naama Smarana” – continuous chanting of the name of the Lord. Through Naama Smarana, our thoughts get purified. Was the dacoit Ratnakara not transformed by merely chanting the name of Lord Rama! Has not Nandi, a bull, acquired a place of worship through single pointed attention on Lord Shiva?

We are very fortunate to be contemporaries of the Lord! Many of us have even been blessed by the Darshan (Divine Vision), Sparshan (Divine Touch) and Sambhashan (Divine Discourse) of the Avatar. We all agree that one look of Swami is more than enough to rid us of all these evil tendencies and make us turn God-ward. Swami will always sow the seed of Divinity in our heart. But our duty is to water this seed and make it blossom.

When The Lord of the Universe has come down to bring us back home, let us not waste this precious and unique opportunity. Sit back and think: Are we not missing the real purpose for which we have been born, by indulging in mundane pleasures desires and purposeless talks?

The root cause of our mundane desires, purposeless words and wrong actions are our thoughts which reside in our mind. By swami’s grace our tiniest desires will be fulfilled. But the real purpose of Swami fulfilling our desires is to make us desire-less, so that we can turn our thoughts towards God.

That is why Swami says:

“I will give you all that you want, till you ask for what I have come to give, namely liberation!”


Brother Subhir RAMNORUTH