God Knows…God Gives…God Saves



1.      Only the hungry man enjoys the taste of food. The fearful one that eats before he experiences the pangs of hunger shall know not the fulfillment of taste.


2.      If you give a thirsty man the most sumptuous food he shall still look for water. All serves its purpose only at the appropriate time and when it serves rightfully your need.


3.      The farmer prays to God for rain so he can enjoy a good harvest. But when he sees the rain come in torrents he runs and prays to the Lord, “O Lord please stop thy wrath.” Even the grace of God should be received in the right amounts. Greed for too much grace can result in misery.


4.      The child first learns to crawl. Soon his pure eyes light with joy as he takes his first step toward his mother. Soon he learns to run here and there in his home. The same child takes his steps outside his home to school. After a few years he steps out into the world. It is then he begins to realize that from the very first step until now it was the will of God alone that had allowed him to rise only to see the world and through the experiences in this world return to his Self…


5.      A man overheard that there may be a storm coming the next week. He was happy as he had one week to prepare for the storm. He collected all the food he would need. He covered the home completely… locked all the windows and hid in the underground cellar. For days he spent in the dark… yet he was pleased as to how intelligently he had kept himself safe… many days passed. He dared to go outside his front door. He asked a man passing his home, “Is the storm over?” “What storm?”, asked the man. It had been almost two weeks and there was no storm. “But there was supposed to be a storm?”, the man exclaimed. “Oh, that storm never came. It was all God’s grace.” “God’s grace?, God’s grace?” the man asked horrified. “I have been stuck in my home for two weeks and you say God saved us. I was all prepared. How could God do that to me?” The man smiled and replied, “I hear of a storm that may come next week.” “Yes!”, said the foolish man. “I can go down again. At least my two weeks of waiting for the storm has not gone to waste!"     


Always remember that the first preparation for any trouble is to pray for God’s protection. And realize that God’s grace will reach to you instantly even if you have begun to plan in fear to keep yourself secure.  


6.      The servant asked his master, “Master, what it that you do all day is? The Master replied, “Oh… I have very important business. But of course you wouldn’t understand. All day I have spent my time in earning my living so that I can have the pleasure of you serving me when I return tired from my work. 


The Master then asked the servant, “And what is it that you do?” The servant replied, “I thank God all day for whatever I can do for you… For when I serve you I know I can return home and give to my Lord all that I have earned from you today.”


7.      A bold man and a fearful man stood by each other waiting at the train station. The fearful man asked the bold one, “What is it that you fear the most?” The bold man  said, “Sometimes I fear that I do things without thinking.” He then turned to the fearful man and asked, “What is it that you fear most?” The fearful man replied, “Well sir, I fear and I only think and do nothing."



(Inspirational message received by Seema M. Dewan, September 29th, 2011)