A Sai Youth Sharing on the National Youth Sadhana Workshop 2013


My humble Pranaams at the Divine Lotus Feet of our most beloved Bhagwan Shri Shri Sathya Sai Baba

Om Sai Ram

15th December 2013 was a veritable awaited day for many Sai youths in Mauritius. The National Youth Sadhana Program was certainly going to be an enlightening one. The workshop started with Rudram Chanting which was followed by the lighting of lamps ceremony. The hall was jam-packed. Sitting on the floor of Anandam, a certain unusual happiness invaded our hearts and we became aware of a subtle yet total beauty that has quietly and miraculously filled the hall. Although the Rudram Chanting was flowing sweetly to our ears, one could experience a feeling of being surrounded quietness.

The Sai youths then offered at the divine Lotus Feet two bhajans which sent waves of bliss to us. The workshop was followed by speeches by the National Chairman, Brother Ramdin and the National Young Adult Representative, Brother Ajay Bussawon. It was then followed by an expose´ by Sister Jaya.There was a current of love flowing in the hall as Sister Jaya beautifully presented the Nine points of the Sadhana Program. And then, it was clear that the source of the current of love was Baba Himself. The depth and wisdom of Swami’s words through Sister Jaya carried such a thrill of truth that it almost seemed that one’s consciousness could not bear the intense joy that filleds the heart and the mind. The sense of humour that was added occasionally rendered the expose more interesting and simultaneously carried deep messages that were easily grasped by the vivacious sai youths.

Next came a group discussion whereby various groups were formed and were asked to answer few questions. This exercise helped to trigger various thoughts and ideas and at the same time, it was an opportunity for our Sai youths to interact and share their views. The Sai youths were so engrossed in the discussion that they forgot that lunch was waiting for them outside. Eventually,the ringing of bells announced lunch time and compelled us to end the groupdiscussion. The lunch time was an opportunity to have a brief chat with our Sai friends.

After lunch, it was time for the reporter of each group to deliver what had been discussed previously. Each reporter presented their group’s work using a ‘power point presentation’ method. Later, we realized that this exercise provided a golden opportunity for the youths to develop their public speaking skills. We were flabbergasted with the utmost ease that the reporters expressed themselves in front of the large audience. Sister Jaya then summarized the points put forward by the different groups. She then continued with an expose on: “The compatibity of Sai Activities / Principles with Studies / Employment”. Time was fleeting and we did not realize that it was already time for tea break.

After tea break, four Sai youths were invited to share how they found the workshop. All of them gave positive views; it was suggested that next time the workshop be carried out in a larger hall to welcome this big crowd of Sai youths coming from the four corners of Mauritius. Then, themere tuning of various musical instruments ‘revived’ the youths and an atmosphere of exaltation started prevailing. Once the bhajans started, it was like a pilgrimage to the abode of the Inner Self, to the abode of the God that resides in our hearts. Singing the Almighty’s name was a real feast to the soul.

The workshop ended with mangal arti. Eventually, it was the realization that the direct pathway to God-Realization, to the Realisation of our self, is love, that He is love and that love only can unite us with Him. There is no iota of doubt that all Sai youths returned home with divine blessings and this workshop will certainly help for spiritual upliftment of our Sai youths.

As a concluding note, I would like to thank wholeheartedlySwami, the Mother and Father of the Universe, for having chosen us to get divine sweetness from this workshop. I would also thank from the bottom of my heart Brother Ajay Bussawon, Sister Jaya and the whole team for being divine instruments of Swami for organizing such a workshop. Sai

Youths are real ‘lions’.

Yes, we can!!! Jai Sai Ram With Sai Love

Akshaye Dev Gunnoo
Young Adult Representative
Mare D'Albert Sai Centre- Region 2,Grand Port.